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Orientation Class copy: Welcome

You are on your way to receiving two free consultations that will guide you to your North Star to Wellness! 
If you are seeking trusted, personal direction for overcoming your chronic health challenges, you’ve arrived at the right place. We all want to know why we just aren’t getting well and what we can do to feel better!

Before scheduling your two complimentary appointments you'll need to attend Skyelife Natural Health Class. If you cannot make it to an in-person class you can watch Skyelife Orientation Class video online.
In this class you will learn:

● Who is Dr. Skye, her education and background.
● The differences between conventional and traditional care.
● The 5 key principles that Skyelife Naturopathic Clinic uses to help clients overcome chronic health challenges.
● What to expect during a consultation.
● What investment you’ll need to make in your health.

After completing the class, please reach out to our office to set up your first complimentary appointment! 

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