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Testimonials: Welcome


“I could trust Skye, which is very important to me. We had a great
connection right away. While working with Skye I was able to uncover
some health issues I wasn’t aware of such as Candida issues. Her
regimine of diet and supplements worked for me. She taught me to
understand how food and nutrition affect me physically and mentally.
And I learned that good food is helpful to stay in a good state of mine.
I became aware of my mind body connection.”
Linda B.

Linda, Wisconsin USA

Dr. Skye has helped me tremendously in my effort to improve my health and quality of life. 

Before working with Dr. Skye I had been living with a lifetime of digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, gastroparesis, and allergies.  I found Dr Skye while hunting the internet for one last ditch effort before giving up on life. My internal medicine Dr had told me if I could not start improving my life I’d end up on a feeding tube very soon. I was not absorbing any nutrients and everything I ate hurt so badly.

Dr Skye has helped me see food as a way to heal my body, has helped me regain energy, introduced me to a food plan that works for me, and helped my body to begin absorbing nutrients. 

Several benefits I am enjoying at this time is my allergies are better, NO pain in my stomach, more normal bowel movements ( no more barely making it to the bathroom), I don’t feel sick anymore, no more vomiting, and I have a lot more energy. 

Dawn, Florida USA

“Skye's professional yet down-to-earth coaching style was exactly what
I needed to get on the right track to live more fully. Her expansive
knowledge of holistic wellness was such a treasure to find during
these confusing times of Western medicine. Skye's ability to
customize a plan that was specific to my body's needs was truly a gift
to give myself. I was surprised I experienced weight-loss and mental
clarity just from changing a few things and my diet and adding some
supplements. I am grateful for all of the sessions and teachings I
received from Skye and I highly recommend her to anyone that wants
to get clear on personal nutrition and supplementation.”
Katy G.

Katie, Hawaii USA

“Before working with Skye, I was experiencing low energy and feeling
moody all the time. Skye taught me how to eat better, and how to take
better care of myself. My husband and I had been trying to to get
pregnant for 6 months prior to working with Skye even though my
doctor told me that I would be unable to have kids because of my past
medical history. After working with Skye my energy returned, I felt in a
better mood, and a month after completing Skye’s program I got
pregnant and now have a beautiful daughter.”

Dawn, Wisconsin USA

“I was experiencing skin boils/blemishes on the skin that would not go
away. I went to my doctor and they had no diagnosis or suggestions
for me. They recommended I go see a dermatologist and spend a lot
of money on testing not covered by my insurance- this put me back to
square one. Skye helped me with getting my skin back. And in the process reset my digestion- I got more regular again. Through the process I recognized that my body was thirsty, while before I would just think it was hungry and eat. In the last 5 months I have lost 30
pounds, have a regular digestion, and my skin is so much better.”

James, Wisconsin USA

“Skye has been an integral part of my healing process since the moment we met over a decade ago. I have relied on her expertise and keen awareness to guide me through every health concern. Whether it be physical, mental or emotional, she has the ability to pinpoint the exact place of trauma or deficiency,and provide true and useful medicine. Many times I have experienced medical professionals essentially do "shotgun medicine" where they prescribe pharmaceuticals that only treat symptoms instead of eliminating the root cause. This resulted in numerous returns to the doctor with very little resolve. Skye provides full spectrum care that reaches her patients on a personalized level. In her practice she acknowledges we are all individuals who require medicine that tailors to our unique needs. She has helped myself, and now my 2 children, overcome many health concerns that may have otherwise gone untreated or misdiagnosed. I am truly grateful for her presence in this world and for her endless perseverance in the discovery of the best medicine. She is a true healer and a gift to us all.”

Bria, Wisconsin USA

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