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When you do a web search on Naturopathic Healthcare, Applied Kinesiology, or Holistic Healthcare—the term “quack” will invariably surface. Why?  


What is a “quack” ?


Quack is actually defined in Merriam Webster Dictionary as “an ignorant, misinformed, or dishonest practitioner of medicine”.


Certified Naturopaths are not untrained and do not practice “medicine”.


Unfortunately, some do not like or agree with our ideals:   


Here are some of these:  


  • Naturopaths understand that most health problems are caused by poor nutrition and therefore can be corrected with proper nutrition. 

  • Naturopaths understand that ‘natural’ vitamins are better than synthetic ones.

  • Naturopaths use unconventional and non-invasive analysis methods to detect deficiencies. 

  • Naturopaths understand most Americans are poorly nourished. They see that most of the U.S. population does not routinely adhere to a health-promoting diet. Less than 10% consume the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables. 

  • Naturopaths understand that modern processing methods and storage remove all nutritive value from our food. 

  • Naturopaths understand that diet is a major factor in behavior. 

  • Naturopaths understand that soil depletion and the use of pesticides and ‘chemical’ fertilizers result in food that is less safe and less nourishing. Soils in many areas of the world are deficient in certain minerals; this can result in low concentration of crops, and even in tissues of farm animals, thus contributing to marginal or deficiency dietary intakes in humans. 

  • Naturopaths understand that you are in danger of being ‘poisoned’ by ordinary food additives and preservatives, and that to refer to these substances as ‘ordinary’ is misleading. 

  • Naturopaths understand that the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) are set too low.  

  • Naturopaths recommend a wide variety of substances similar to those found in your body.   

  • Naturopaths routinely offer to sell their clients high quality vitamins and other food supplements as part of their program of care, as well as homeopathic remedies, herbs, and other specialized natural products that are not found in all health-food stores. 

  • Naturopaths use anecdotes and testimonials to support their claims. 

  • Naturopaths display credentials not recognized by the conventional mainstream medical institution.  This of no surprise since naturopathy is not ‘mainstream’ (although it is fast becoming an important part of integrated healthcare). 

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